Sunday, 12 December 2010

My Winter "Essentials" (by Essentials I mean wants)

I'm not usually one for hawking the wares of one shop, in fact I dislike blogs that seem to do nothing but advertise, but this winter Topshop seem to have everything I envisioned in my mind when thinking about what I wanted to wear during the cold season.

  I've been really struggling to find anything that lives up to the ideas I have in my head clothing-wise, I'm not sure if this is over fussiness or shops just being generally disappointing (I'm inclined to think the latter) but this last week Topshop seems to have supplied the tea dresses, flouncy blouses, and knee length skirts I have a weakness for. Naturally, it has come at a time when it is the spirit to buy for others and not yourself, but I am not entirely sure that I can let the Hawaiian print (though it really seems to be a more renaissance style) shirt and black Janis block heel loafer slip from my greedy grasp. I have in fact already persuaded someone lovely to buy me the black pleated midi skirt and the winter flower tea dress.

  I'm pretty keen on the black embellished party dress but at £75 I fear it cannot be justified, and I also quite fancy red print collar swing coat, so if your reading this Santa...I've been a good girl this year.

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