Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Cheap Thrills.

I am excited about Spring/Summer 2011 at Primark. I never thought I would say that. I am not a Primark fan, call it snobbery, call it pretentiousness, call it whatever you want, but I like my clothes to be nicely made and in reliable sizes. Don't get me wrong, I used to love a bit of Primark, some of my wardrobe favourites are 5 year old Primark finds, but in the past few years the quality has really gone down hill, and the prices have gone up, and I sort of lost interest. But these pictures have begun to change my mind.

  I wants me a pair of those wide leg trousers (even though they will be about 3 feet too long) and I really love the little 1950's style beach print dress a la Prada, and the pink/peach 1920's style crimped sun-dress. I'm not so keen on the printed shorts and loose jumper combination, but the rest of it has a real 1940's/50's summer vacation look. All balmy summer days having picnics and coffee at seashore cafes, rides on carousels, and walks through fishing villages on warm nights.

I'm sure the scramble through Primark to find them will quickly dispel those romanticised images.
It will be worth it.

Images: Frugal fashion diva

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  1. That's the girl from Britain's Next Top Model isn't it? Good to see she got a job out of it.


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