Sunday, 29 May 2011

Home Front

So these are the cushions I made yesterday, I bought the fabric on my trip to Ikea a couple weeks ago for £2.05 a metre, I was drawn to the bird pattern and its 1970's feel. I knew I wanted to make simple button fastenings, and I happened to have these grey ones lying around in my sewing bag.

*To make them I first measured the size of my cushion pads (left over from some old cushions) and then made a paper pattern making sure that I added 2cm each side for the seam allowances.
*To make it even easier I made the pattern a fold over so I would have cut one only large piece of fabric and only the sides and top would need seaming.
*I both Straight and Zig-Zag stitched the seams so that they are extra durable, then making sure it looked at least half tidy, seamed the fold over fastening.
*Instead of button-holing I sewed the buttons straight to the cushion, both to make it easier and to make the fastening safer. I'll just cut them off and re-sew when they need laundering.

Each cushion took about an hour and a half to make, but I think the more I do the quicker I'll get, that's what I'm hoping anyway, I've still got one full size one two smaller ones left to sew!


  1. they look fantastic what a result! So much better than mine will do as I have to do them by hand, guess whats on my xmas list! A sewing machine! Love the fabric they looks really beautiful xxx

  2. Those pillows are just gorgeous!!! Great blog - definitely following!


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