Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Skies.


Blue base: Topshop Stolen Sapphire
White Nebula and stars: Barry M Matte White
Peach and Pink highlights: Models Own Fuzzy Peach, Topshop nice'n'neutral
Glitter topcoat: Models Own Juicy Jules

Using this video, found on one of my daily blog reads, I decided to have a go at doing some galaxy nails. I've fancied doing some nail art for a while now but to be honest I think a lot of it looks pretty naff, I don't really want pictures of food, or love hearts on my nails, but galaxy nails seems like a good middle ground, quite abstract and interesting. It was actually much easier than I expected. It was a little time consuming, but also pretty fun.
I'm one of those disgusting people that bite their nails, so when I do have nails I try to make the most of it. I was obsessed with nail polish as a teenager (Glitz and Glam blue was my favourite) and I've kind of carried through that obsession through into adult hood. I've just invested in a Models Own nail art pen so might spend this week doing some experimenting with that...I'm currently sporting Aztec patterns.

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