Monday, 3 January 2011

To Die will be an awfully big adventure.

And so New Years Eve inevitably came around again. I am not a New Year fan, I hate the whole forced fun element of the night, this year was slightly different though. We decided to shun the cattle market which is our local town and go to a friends party in the village I live in. In New Year tradition it was fancy dress and this year I decided to put some effort in for a change. The original plan was to go as Red Riding Hood but after finding out someone else was going as the same (and it was much better then my attempt would of been) I decided to go as Peter Pan. I've recently been studying the play as part of my degree and its been particularly interesting.

I looked up some old illustrations from the various book versions of the play and from that decided what way to go with the style of the costume. I didn't want it to look to 'Disney' and instead went along the lines of  'mythical fairy'. I decided to make panpipes, a fairy dust pouch, a headband and some leaves to pin into my hair. To make the panpipes I rolled up some brown card into tubes and cut them to different lengths, then I attached it all together with some brown felt and wrapped string around it to tie it to my belt. To make the pouch I sewed together two pieces of brown felt and wove some string through the top to create a drawstring opening. I also decided to tie a big bell to my belt, in a Tinkerbell fashion, though I think I just sounded more like a large cat.
 My favourite part was the headband, all I did was cut out some leaves from felt and glue them onto a headband I already had using fabric glue.
 Overall I was pretty pleased with how it all came out. My best girl Kathryn did a totally amazing job of my hair and make up (I'm totally useless at both), and I was warm and comfortable all night.

Tunic: Topshop
Belt: River Island, it was free with a skirt I think
Shoes: New Look
Tights: Bargain bin from a department store.
Nail Polish: Revlon Emerald City Matt Finish
Tail: H&M

Photos by: Me and Kathryn.

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