Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Finished Product.

These are the finished Marmalade jars from the batch I made a few weeks ago. I made the labels etc a couple of weeks before Christmas, I have been meaning to post these for a while now but never quite got round to it/forgot. I gave away all of the jars except one, which I kept to try. It was actually pretty good if a little to gingery for my tastes but it gives me courage to maybe make some different preserves, but perhaps jam next time. I'm more of a jam fan.

  I bought the ribbons and labels from a company called East of India which does some really nice (but sometimes a little corny), and not too expensive home-wares. Its available from Amazon and loads of other smaller more friendly websites. I ended up using a mixture of different jar styles, but I think the Kilner jars probably look the nicest, if the most expensive. Next time I will be more prepared.

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