Thursday, 26 May 2011


So, as moving house comes ever closer I've been spending an increasing amount of time browsing interior design websites looking for inspiration. Sadly, we aren't blessed with the massive amounts of space most of these rooms have but I'm all about making the most of what we will have; which is high ceilings, an open plan downstairs, and a long, light bathroom.

I've really surprised myself with my choices, I though I would go for country florals, gingham, all white, bright and cutesy, but I've found myself drawn to 1950's and 60's styles, all dark woods and patterned cushions. I actually picked up some great bird patterned fabric on my trip to Ikea last week which I plan to make the lounge cushions from, and a wooden framed black board for the kitchen which I'm going to  paint red I think. Also for the first time, I will have a small office space to make my own (with the arty one allocated the second bedroom for his own office/studio). I knew I wanted a white desk... I looked at dozens before plumping for the Ikea Micke, with magnetic back board. It is literally the thing I am most excited about.

Upstairs the rooms are a little smaller so I am going have to work with lighter colours. I knew straight away that I wanted to the bedroom to be a pale duck egg blue to off set the white furniture I've bought, but I was a little at a loss with what to do in the bathroom, then by luck I found some vintage wall tiles in a charity shop which are grey/blue with silver hand painted trees and I knew this was my starting point. I also found a huge picture mirror which I got for £5 which I'm going to paint up with some metallic paint and pop over our 50's chest. I also treated us to some (heavily marked down) Laura Ashley towels. It all looks great in my head, how it will actually turn out may be a little different....

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