Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Iron Bridge

Top: Vintage
Skirt: Topshop 
Shoes: Topshop
Sunglasses: Rayban

So..This is what I wore for a Saturday evening stroll. We walked for a couple of miles, in some mildly warm sunshine, along the disused rail line and spent some time looking at the saltwater marshes, which while beautiful have the smell of a potent gas leak, it's all the sulphur they excrete. Pleasant.

 I feel like I've sort of lost it recently, clothes wise. I can't seem to dress myself in a way that I find appealing, or feel comfortable with. Everything is too bland, there's no edge anymore. I'm lost in a wardrobe abyss where there is a lot of things floating around but nothing has a specific place. This t-shirt for instance, I've had it about 6 years,  I found it in a charity shop for about £2. I used to wear it all the time, with skinny jeans (when I still wore jeans) and denim shorts. I love the banana print and the cut of the sleeves. But now, I still pick up to wear a lot, yet it doesn't fit with anything, it's a lone ranger, and there you have the crux of my whole wardrobe, a whole load of stuff that doesn't go together. I need to establish organisation, and outfits, not just buy something 'cos I like it', I need to think about how it fits, and if it's even my style. I guess I'm just a little worried that I'll end up wearing black all the time. Again... 


  1. I love the shirt!! very cute!

  2. I love your style! Sweet look, awesome shirt :) X


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