Monday, 19 December 2011

So here it is..

Green Check Dress: ASOS.     Leopard Print Dress: Topshop.   Stars and Moons Dress: Motel (via asos)

 So it's the time of year again, it's time to dig out the party dress. This year, more than any before it, I've really um-ed and ah-ed over my seasonal dress purchase. Usually I'm all about the pretty; beads, velvet, tailoring, bring it all on. But this year I wanted my dress to work harder for its place in my little wardrobe, I want it to be (boring word alert) functional. I want to be able to wear it after Christmas and through to the spring..basically I don't want it to date, or worse, to become 'that Christmas dress from last year' - like so many others that get worn over the festive season and then are never seen again after slowly migrating from wardrobe to drawer, drawer to under the bed storage, and from there to the big charity shop in the sky. So after many hours (exaggeration) debating dress pros and cons here is my list of finalists.

It seems to come down to print over block colour. I'm a sucker for a novelty print (even at 25) which makes me instantly drawn to the Motel stars and moons print tea dress, which panders to all my 1940's desires and is slowly moving its way up my favourites list, but equally I'm in love with the red, beaded collar Topshop dress, which is just so, so pretty, but perhaps a little less, you know, 'wearable', I hate that word. Needless to say, I want them all, and I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to work out the winner..

Red collared dress: Topshop.  Blue Ginny Dress: Monki.  Yellow Zanna dress: Monki

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