Wednesday, 25 January 2012

All that glitters

After seeing these glitter heels from Topshop I decided I wanted a pair of my own, I didn't think however, that I would get enough wear out of them to warrant the £55 price tag; So instead, one evening  I had a go at making my own, and I'm pretty pleased with the results!

You will need:

One pair of shoes 
Strong, waterproof glue (I used builders PVA)
Glitter (I got 10g of rose gold glitter for 99p from ebay)
Low tack masking tape

The making bit

*First make sure your chosen shoes are clean, I used a suede Primark pair - so I just wiped them with a damp cloth.
*If using a PVA or leather pair slightly buff with a fine grain sandpaper, this helps the glue to stick to the shoes.
*Mask off the area you want to glitter with tape.
*Using the brush paste glue onto the shoes and then quickly pour over the glitter, I did this over a lot of newspaper to minimise mess and save as much glitter as possible.
*Leave to dry completely, then brush another layer of glue over the top of the glitter to make the shoes water proof and reduce glitter loss.
*Lastly, once the top layer of glue is dry buff off any glitter that has stuck onto the soles of the shoes with the sandpaper. 

And that's it, it really was that simple, and actually quite fun. Nothing takes you back to your childhood more than messing about with glitter and glue.
I'm planning on wearing them with my 60's party dress, or black cigarette pants next time I go out. I think they're going to be super fun to dance in.


  1. Awesome DIY! it looks great, I love it.

  2. Wow these look great, a wonderful way of glamming up your shoes!

  3. my mouth dropped when I found out these shoes are diy . i was just saying to myself those are cute. i love how you revamped him... no following :)

    visit my site yea:)

    + loving your outfit


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