Sunday, 17 July 2011

Old Faithful

Cardigan: Primark
T-Shirt: American Import
Skirt: Zara
Belt: Unknown
Shoes: (old) Topshop
Ring: Gift
Nail Polish: Topshop "threadbare"

Last weekend there was an unexpected work day for him so I went along for the ride, he gets to shoot in an old chapel, which is decrepit in all the right ways, crumbling walls, old radiators, and wooden pews. I wore my old faithful Sonic Youth t-shirt which I always go back to even though its looking a little grey and thin. It's one of those things I can't help but love, the cotton is so soft and elastane free, and the print isn't one of those crunchy ones that cracks in the wash. I really hate that.
 The rest of the day was spent eating a long over due lunch of sushi and Soya beans, walking along the riverfront, and having makeshift cocktails with my best girl. I've had worse...


  1. You have a real cute style!

  2. Really nice pictures and I like your style! :)


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